Travel to locales where spirit meets luxury, culture meets exclusivity.  Meet your true essence in custom designed excursions created for the discerning traveler seeking meaningful experiences. Ken Ballard Journeys creates the experience of inclusion, cultural immersion, and sacred space without the distractions normally targeting tourists. Ken creates priceless adventures that lead toextraordinary memories.  Beyond just traveling, you discover the hidden treasures within yourself as you explore the countries, cultures, peoples, and spirit that defines SE Asia at its best.

Ken is a bridge and a gatekeeper who creates magic and turns dreams into reality. Ken understands the necessity of safety, sweet ease and comfort for your experience to be exquisite. For four decades Ken has made his homes Thailand and Bali. With 25 years leading groups, Ken has rare access to places and experiences unknown to the masses. Expand your horizons, engage your senses, and delight your body, mind, and soul. Allow your heart to guide your travel dreams. Ken will bring them to fruition on a journey beyond your wildest imaginings.

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