About Ken Ballard

Simply put, Ken is a beautifully unique, Divine expression of reverence, respect, compassion, and Love. As a guide, his heart is called to bridge cultural, geographic, and spiritual for beings seeking more than travel, they desire the experiences of which once in a lifetime memories are made.

Originally from Florida, Ken followed his heart, leaving behind pre-law studies, to SE Asia in 1976. Thailand and Bali have remained “home” ever since where he has studied and embodied the cultures, customs, and Spirit of the lands. Mentored by Dr. W. Brugh Joy, he is guided by “unconditional unconditioned love,” inner peace and harmony.  Thesevalues are foundational to everything he creates, from journey’s to photography, relationships to memories.

His love of life, nature, and exploring are radiant in this vibrant and vital 60 year old BEing. He has led (both solo and co-led)  numerous groups over the past 25 years. He was a partner in Sacred Mountain Sanctuary, a fine Bali Eco retreat, for over 8 years. He is the author of Tibet: 100,000 Prayers of Compassion and a forthcoming book on Bhutan. He is a photographer, having captured Alice Cooper’s most engaging images for decades, as well as the beauty of the lands he visits. Photography is his lens to gain new vision through which he sees himself and the planet. Diving with humpback whales, dolphins, sharks and manta rays, traversing oceans, mountains, and jungles, getting up close and personal with orangutans and elephants makes his heart sing.

His truest passion remains sharing the depth and breadth of 39 years in Asia with fellow travelers, from roads less traveled to bustling cities, delighting in the first time experiences held by all.

Ken resides in Thailand with his partner Samphos.