About Ken Ballard Journey’s

DSC_3998Ken Ballard Journey’s guides their travelers on roads less traveled, setting an amazing banquet table of experiences for them to partake of. Choose from the most luxurious spas, golf, and shopping to the most possible engaging travel, such as trekking in the Himalayas or swimming with the humpbacks.  The diversity offered is unparalleled. Ken has delighted in bringing travel dreams into reality for 25 years.

You are hereby invited to follow your heart. As a Travel Artiste, Ken captures the essence of your dream adventure and co-creates a masterpiece exclusively for you. Whether you are traveling alone, desiring a personal experience, seeking a group to join, or have a group of friends and/or family looking for a unique adventure, Ken will go beyond your expectations.

Ken customizes your travels to meet the needs and desires of each traveler. Groups are intimate regardless of size because of his attention to details. As you discover new cultures, customs and the spirit of the place, you discover more of yourself. If you long for a unique and significant adventure that transcends travel, Ken invites you to go beyond your imagination and journey with us.



We create the environment to be so deeply in the moment that you are transformed, knowing you will never forget that experience. A smell, sound, or taste transports you back to that exotic locale and you relive it all again.

Perhaps it is the moment you forgot your fears and waded eagerly into the river to bathe the elephants. Or maybe when you were eye to eyewith the humpback whale for the first time, feeling at once how small you are and yet how connected to such a gentle giant, safe and welcomed into the playground of the azure bluewaters.  Perhaps it is the smell of temple incense or sacred chants that transports you back to the blessing ceremony when you felt so reverent, humble, and grateful that you chose to live life more intentionally from that moment on.

Ken Ballard Journey’s tailor designs the opportunities for such memories to be woven into the fabric of your being. We offer extraordinary adventures for:

  • individuals
  • teachers & their students
  • groups of friends
  • couples
  • families
  • special interest groups.

Groups can be as small as 2 people and as large as 50 traveling in SE Asia. Each journey is custom made for your requirements and desires, traveling where your heart calls you to, and being with what is most meaningful for you and your travel companions. Chose the perfect combination of custom, culture, and Spirit to develop an exclusive, once in a lifetime experience of where you go, what you eat, shopping, adventure, and fun!  Stay in the mainstream or trek off the beaten path to sacred temples and ancient places.

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