Druk Yul-Land of the Thunder Dragon: Bhutan! The very name invokes dreams of an authentic and mystical Shangri La, with misty magical mountains, rain forests, Rhododendrons blooming, Lamas and nuns in flowing robes, ancient monasteries and dzongs(forts.)

The Kingdom of Bhutan has a notional policy called GNH: Gross National Happiness.

Bhutan has recently outlined a path to become the first fully organic country in the world.

A land where Buddhism has flourished since the 8th century, when Guru Rinpoche & Yeshe Tsogyal brought Vajrayana Buddhism to Bhutan. The temples and monasteries dating back to the 8th century still stand today.

It is only recently is Bhutan opening her doors to the world.

On my first journey there in 1997, less than 3000 people were admitted the whole year. The intention today is still to sustainable tourism versus mass tourism.

The open hearted friendliness means we are welcome here. English is widely spoken, interaction a pleasure. A story book land of myth and magic. Travelers and Magicians is an apt name for one of my favorite movies on Bhutan.

In 1996, the Minister of Religion Dasho Karma Geleg gave me and my groups special permission to enter the sacred monasteries and temples, mostly still closed to tourists. A rare privilege and honor.

Please join me in the Land of the Thunder Dragon.