TIBET-The Roof of the world.  Magical Tibet.  A fascinating land, like no other. One of the most exotic locales on the planet, with its wind swept planes, ancient temples, sacred caves & lofty snow capped mountains.

A people with an inner strength that has come from a long & challenging history.  A people who live in the moment with joy and laughter.

In Lhasa the capital, wherever one gazes there is the magnificent Potala Palace.  Home to the lineage of Dalai Lamas, with more than 1000 rooms, it stands as a monument that uniquely symbolizes Tibet.

Barkhor square is the meeting place for pilgrims, warriors and wandering nomads from all over Tibet. Inside, A lively market surrounds the Jokhang Temple, where the devoted make their rounds chanting Om Mani Padme Hum, the prayer of Compassion.

Travel over the passes right at the edge of the amazing turquoise lakes to thethe ancient town of Gyantse. With the walls and fort on top of the mountain, Gyantse has a real frontier feeling to it. Pilgrims and nomads walking and riding through the streets on horses. The monastery here is unique and is flanked by a 9 story stupa.

The countryside itself is as you would imagine Tibet to be, with its vast plains, herdsman with yaks, sheep and goats and windswept villages. Visits to ancient Nunnery to listen to the beautiful chants of the nuns.