About Gatekeeper


Recently, I had an extraordinary journey to Bhutan with a small group of spiritual teachers. We experienced a wonderful festival in the spiritual capital of Bumthang, in the Tangbi valley. It included a fire ritual as well as the lamas dancing the oral traditions of Buddhism in a small village that we got to by crossing a swinging bridge and walking on a path trodden by local people for many centuries. I was able to procure the special permits needed to visit many monasteries and other restricted places, normally closed to Westerners. We were able to have quiet time and meditate in these sacred places. A participant wrote this to me after she arrived home.


Dear Ken,

1-Gates-Left-long.Bhutan is slowly integrating. It was a life changing experience. I feel like I moved the inner cog, and now all of the other cogs are starting to move, though it takes time to move the deepest core change through the material field. Thank you so much. You truly create magic on a level that very few people would even dare to undertake. You create a sacred container which allows a safe passage through another world with enough comfort not to totally freak out the Western-accustomed body and enough actual interface with the culture, the land, and the deep spiritual core of the peoples to engender a transformative experience. In olden times you might have been called a Guardian of the Gate, a Guide to the Other Worlds, the High Priest of the Sacraments. You are all of these and more – a warm, funny, caring, quirky, dedicated, easy going kind of guy. You serve an incredibly important function – to take those committed to consciousness and to the sacred into the heart of the traditions of the world where healing, wisdom, guidance, and perspective are to be found so that they may be brought back for the healing and transformation of our own culture. With you I feel like I get to visit the shamans of the world and hear their council for the planet. This comes through the land and the culture, the people you introduce to us, and the mysterious back rooms which you so fortuitously seem to hold the keys to. Perhaps I shall call you The-One-Who-Holds-The-Keys-To-The-Temple. Thank you again.

Lynnaea Lumbard, PHD  Teacher, Writer, Philanthropist