1-Purple-Hibiscus-22Dear Ken, Bhutan was such a splendid journey. Deepest thanks for all you did to support, guide and nourish the Way. Love, Joan… Just sent our mutual friend, Dr. Stephan Rechstaffen, founder of Omega Institute, a note about our trip to Bhutan and raved about it in the zendo.  You all did such a fine job. Bhutan is revealed through the great care and skill of guides Ken Ballard and Bpae in a most wondrous way. Their experience with the culture and the people allowed us to practice and be with the temples and natural world intimately. It was a wonderful and life changing journey for all of us.”

ROSHI JOAN HALIFAX-Upaya Zen Center Sante Fe, NM.

Ken and Bpae will make all your dreams come true!

SHEP GORDON, Alive Films/Enterprises. Wailea, Maui HI.

1-Purple-Lotus-11I heartily endorse Ken Ballard as a teacher and leader. He has studied with me for more than 29 years and has assisted me with group process. He has done his own psychological work, and his sensitivity and sense of humor make him a wonderful leader. In the future I plan to take a group to the Far East with him.

WM. BRUGH JOY, MD Author of Joy’s Way & Avalanche. Lone Pine CA.

2-Red-Lotus11After having traveled throughout the world leading groups, I can honestly say that one of the most fantastic trips was the one I did with Ken Ballard and Bpae to Bali and Borneo. Their knowledge of Indonesian culture is superb, and their local contacts make it a very unique experience. This is not an ordinary tour, but one that deeply touches your heart, mind, and soul. Ken also is a lot of fun to be with, and is sensitive to the needs of the leader and group members. I recommend them highly.

CAROLYN CONGER, PHD Spirit teacher. Santa Monica, CA.

3-DSC_9612-PurpleKen & Bpae are splendid guides to the beauties and the mysteries of Southeast Asia. Although Ken is an American, his many years in this part of the world give him a remarkable knowledge of the sights, the people, and the spirit of the land. Ken has an amazing ability to make a journey exciting, effortless, and always fascinating. We have thoroughly our travels with him and recommend him with great enthusiasm.

DR.s HAL & SIDRA STONE Founders of Delos Inc. & Voice Dialogue Albion, CA.

4-White-Lotus.Traveling with Ken Ballard has been an experience of joyous fulfillment. He keeps an exhilarating pace well balanced between entrancing activities and well needed rest. The experiences that he puts together allow us to participate in the spiritual feel of the culture, to be inside it, rather than looking in from the outside as most tourist trips do. I recommend him most highly.

JOSEPH HELLER Founder of Hellerwork. Mt. Shasta, CA.

Ken’s knowledge of Asia and his ability to take our group to places and events rarely experienced by tourists made our stay in Bali truly exceptional. We also found Ken’s appreciation and understanding of the region’s diverse religious traditions to be a wonderful & enriching asset.

TOM KENYON-Shaman, Sound Healer, Author Orcas Island, WA.

Ken & Bpae are remarkable guides who flawlessly provide the expertise and personal caring which creates a truly sacred journey. I have personally experienced the magic of their for 10 years Omega’s participants have raved about their experience with these two. I prefer their trips to anyone else’s in Southeast Asia.

DR. STEPHAN RECHTSTAFFEN Founder Omega Institute/Rhinebeck, NY.

6-DSC_2715-Rose-OrangeKen Ballard is the best friend, guide and shaman-initiator on any pilgrimage I have taken. He cares, he is very knowledgeable, and he loves what he does. He had the stories, the lore, the history and the connections to all the people and places where we went and it was an absolute delight to travel with him. And what is more and of utmost importance: he can be trusted absolutely!

MARGOT ANAND Tantric Master-Author “The Art of Everyday Ecstasy”

8-DSCF1792-yellow-flowerTraveling with Ken Ballard is a true joy.  I have always received more his trips  then I had hoped for.  His gentle leadership opens people to the mystery of the country they are exploring.  He works like an alchemist.  The combination of places, food, people, and shopping he arranges is truly magical.   His logistics are impeccable, so you are free to truly relax and enjoy.  I have traveled again and again with Ken, and will continue to do so.

JODI GOLD  Corporate Vice President Penngrove, CA.

I had the opportunity to travel with Ken Ballard on a 2 week guided tour in Bali. The trip went smoothly because the logistics wer9-DSCF8146-Orchid-Purplee handled beautifully by Ken, our guide. Because Mr. Ballard lives in Bali, he has entree to the traditional Balinese peoples as well as the Shamans, spiritual teachers, and elders. As one of the Bali workshop leaders, I feel very fortunate to have worked with Mr. Ballard on this incredibly well-managed trip. I highly recommend Ken Ballard as a travel guide and leader.


10Red-Lotus.Ken Ballard has been referred to as a “Gate Keeper”, someone who holds the keys to adventure and magical experiences. Over decades Ken has opened the doors to some of the most interesting, mysterious and inaccessible places in the world to me; places that I’ve always dreamed of experiencing and finally fulfilled under his careful and intuitive guidance. Traveling with Ken is like diving into an ocean current, swept into a new and foreign culture with the utmost care and attention to every detail. I have always emerged from his trips renewed, informed, expanded and nourished. There is no other tour leader or experiential guide who I would recommend more highly.

EMERALD STARR Certified Presenter, Al Gore’s “The Climate Project” Bali, Indonesia

11-DSCF1874-SplashKen & Bpae have led many groups for Pathways Institute and in my experience they are simply the best. They give the group an opening into the mysteries of the culture that very few people gain entrance to, while attending to every detail with exquisite attention. Ken & Bpae’s groups are a wonderful blend of laughter, prayer, camaraderie, and education. They are masters at sculpting group experience.

CAROLE KAMMEN Pathways Associates. San Anselmo, CA.

What a time Ken and I had co-leading  spiritual journeys to Bali-Borneo-Yogyakarta and Tibet. He has a wonderful easy way which flows to allow our schedule to naturally unfold—surprises everyday. I am eagerly awaiting our next trip!

JUDITH MILBURN PHD. Center for Conscious Living. Huntington Bch, CA.

12-DSC_4614“My husband Frank and I enjoy going to places that we haven’t been before and off the beaten path. We also like travels that invoke a spiritual journey with meaning and personnel growth. To accomplish all of this you need a guide who knows how to navigate you through all of these back road places and has the experience of where to lead you to find the spiritual unfolding. This takes a unique, highly experienced and qualified person. We have found that in Ken. We felt protected, well taken care of and on purpose with great communication. All of our trips with him surpassed our expectations. We can not say enough about how these trips have changed and enriched our lives and it would not have been possible without Ken.”

KATHLEEN HOSNER, PhD-LLC Author-Full Belly Phoenix, AZ.

13-Lotus-Magic-After my first trip with Ken, I knew that the world of travel had just opened up to me in a whole new way. His handling of logistics was thorough and professional – making his trips as safe and smooth as I could have hoped for. Even more satisfying was his ability to find, connect us with, and interpret for the local people and monks, so that we had profound personal and spiritual experiences beyond anything that the usual tourist encounters. Ken’s consciousness and sensibilities adds a great dimension to the already amazing outer adventure that the destination itself offers

DEBORAH MORRIS Voice Dialogue Teacher Penngrove, CA.

14-DSC_0508-OrangeTraveling with Ken Ballard provides a complete experience for me and the other travelers.  His ability to organize people and places, to create original and spontaneous changes when necessary, and the spirit and knowledge he brings to his work allow for life transforming travel.  To get much more than one signs up for, is a common experience for those who travel with Ken.

DAN BIENENFELD Hellerwork practitioner, Senior trainer of structural integration, LA, CA.